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The North Face Beverly Hills Sales Woes Point To National Problem

The North Face Beverly Hills retail sales woes point to a national problem according to an email from the store mangers sent to this video-blogger. The overall problem is that the floor workers were informed of available worker hour cut backs with only 36 hours notice. Here is the email (names withheld): Hi Everyone I just wanted to send an email out and discuss the recent cuts in hours to the schedule. The process we have for doing the schedule is this. At the start of the month we post up the requests for you to fill out, usually due two weeks before the end of the month. We then start doing the schedule based off of last years payroll. Once the schedule for the month is complete we send it to David (our DM). Its not until after or in the middle of week 1, of the schedule we already made, that we actually get our payroll. Usually this is just a few tweaks here and there and we take those hours from the last few weeks and you, the associate, never notice the change. This month however, our payroll was cut by $2000 from last year. So cuts have been more drastic than at previous times. We want to thank you for your understanding at this time. As for the amount of cuts, the store/company has been trending down in volume. This means that we have not been bringing in the dollars we did last year or making the plan that has been set forth, this is across the board and not just our store alone. So as every company does they need to cut back on such things as payroll. Now this isn't the end of things. Every trail has its valleys and its summits. Lets continue to do what we do best on the sales floor and get the ball rolling on a successful 2015. Once we start to surpass our plan numbers we will start to trend higher and we can add additional hours. Please think of this while your on the sales floor when assisting our customers. Every little bit helps us get closer to our goal. Each one of your sales and each item you add brings us closer to our goal. Thank you for all you do The North Face is owned by VF Corporation, which bought it in 2011. This is not the first time that The North Face has faced a sales problem such that it was a drag on VF Corporation. In fact, in February 27 of 2014, VFC was downgraded on the New York Stock Exchange because of The North Face sales problems. But this email reports to an even larger revenue problem for The North Face for 2015. What about the workers? The North Face workers also should have more time to adjust their schedules than the 36 hours notice. If the problem is a seasonal one, then the managers should have adjusted their hiring practices months ago, if only to avoid this kind of problem. Moreover their should be some kind of union - a retail union to protect the interests of the worker. Many have kids who's health depends on their ability to feed and clothes them. Stay tuned.

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