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Steve Scalise - White Supremacists Angry He Said 2002 Speech Was Mistake

Steve Scalise - White Supremacists Angry He Said 2002 Speech Was Mistake Louisiana Republican House Whip Steve Scalise first said he never gave a speech to a group called "the European-American Unity and Rights Organization" or "EURO" in 2002, and now says he did, has come under fire from White Supremacists. In retaliation for calling his visit a "mistake" that he would not have made had he known what EURO was about, several White Supremacists have taken to make postings on the racist website Stormfront, reposting messages about his meeting in 2002. This is what one of them reads: "A New Breeding of National Activism Much to the chagrin of his opposition, or as some within the explosive mix of colonial spirit describe it, oppressors, finds Vincent Breeding, National Director for EURO, the European- American Unity and Rights Organization. One of many white civil rights organizations to emerge during an era of leftist purging of thought and gross double-standards that remove personal responsibility, Breeding brings a new charisma and impetus for carpe diem. The evidence of whites of European origin asserting both their Constitutional, as well as, God-given rights abounds, in the absence of recognition from the NY Times, Washington Post or the Times-Picayune. EURO’s recent national convention held in the greater New Orleans area was a convergence of ideas represented by Americans from diverse geographical regions like California, Texas, New Jersey and the Carolina’s. This indicates that concerns held are pervasive in every sovereign state and Republic alike, within an increasingly diminishing view of where America stands on individual liberty for whites. In addition to plans to implement tactical strategies that were discussed, the meeting was productive locally as State Representative, Steve Scalise, discussed ways to oversee gross mismanagement of tax revenue or “slush funds” that have little or no accountability. Representative Scalise brought into sharp focus the dire circumstances pervasive in many important, under-funded needs of the community at the expense of graft within the Housing and Urban Development Fund, an apparent give-away to a selective group based on race. There was also a call for the many women active in the movement to not only let their voice be heard, but their presence known. Recognizing the duties placed on white mothers to maintain decreasing birth rates, it was an appropriate call to arms to emphasize the unity message forming the basis of EURO. " In total, the messages, which you can see here, show that Steve Scalise certainly did know something about the group he talked before. Stay tuned. Visit our blog here:

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