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David Bautista Is Blofeld In 007 Spectre James Bond Movie

David Bautista Is Blofeld In 007 Spectre James Bond Movie 007 Spectre was unveiled at an event held at Pinewood Studios in London. SPECTRE is an organization well-known to Bond fans as is it's leader, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. In Ian Fleming's books, Blofeld was a physically imposing person. But in the Bond movies, he was a slight-of-build man who was bald more often than not. In the books, Blofeld died after being choked to death by Bond. He also killed Bond's wife Tracy. Inspite of all of that history, and the fact that Daniel Craig's Bond is based more on Ian Fleming's image of a "blunt force instrument." the press thinks Christoph Waltz is to be Blofeld, even though he doesn't fit Ian Fleming's image, and is smaller in stature than Mr. Craig. Also, remember that SPECTRE hides in shadow and specializes in deceit. The definition of "deceit" is "the action or practice of deceiving someone by concealing or misrepresenting the truth." It's for those reasons, and the fact that he was also cast, that I believe David Bautista is Blofeld. He fits the description as in Fleming's books. I'll hold to that until it's obvious David Bautista is not Blofeld. But for my money, he is. SPECTRE is already at work. Stay tuned. Visit our blog here:

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